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Following Opening Nights at HART THEATRE, there is a tradition of "PARTY TIME" in the lobby for all guest and actors.  A little wine, a little food and great conversations all accented with themed decorations to bring on the cheer!  Thanks Lyn Donley for the party of PINK!  Christy L. Bishop, the Chef for HART, had delicious food for the evening!

Do not miss this wonderful, fun, frivolous, light-hearted family evening of entertainment that is "LEGALLY BLONDE" at the HART THEATRE in Waynesville, North Carolina. For tickets and information call the boxoffice at 828-456-6322.  

It was just a real good time and the audience screamed "Bravo" as the final bows were taken!

​​You can call her, "Legally Blonde", but you had better call her STAR!  OMG, Taylor Aldrich walked on the stage last night and had the audience eating right out of her hand.  Coming to us from Asheville, Taylor pranced about the stage dancing and singing with that special voice while falling in and out of love throughout the night and the love affair was not only on the stage, but with the audience.

Coming to the HART Theatre from Western Carolina University and playing the part of Emmett Forrestis Logan Marks.  His vocals and performance gave the word "love" to the plot and brought the musical an excitging energy with his grand performance.  Logan is a natural for the stage!  Outstanding to watch him perform!

The handsome Luke Haynes, playing Warner Huntington, portrays a man caught between two college girls in a relationship filled with mixups and jealousy.  With his strong vocals and acting ability, he was another example of quality talent on the HART Stage.

It is always nice seeing Holly Cope as DA Joyce Riley /  Kiki,

Kristen Hedberg as Paulette Bonaafonte and Emily Warren as Margot.  OMG, these HART Stage performers never let the audience down. It was nice seeing Ruth Butler perform again as the Judge, Store Manager and Cat Lady and the performance by Jacob Hunt shows his stage talent as he leaves HART heading towards Clemson for college! 

By-the-way, beware of Sarah Fowler playing Vevienne Kinsington, a college girl on a mission.  After she got what she wanted, she dumped Warner Huntington, the original lover of Elle Woods, Miss Legally Blonde.

The audience had great comedy when Charlie Cannon presented his package to Kristen Hedberg as the UPS guy.  Talk about Jim Carrey and a little bit of Justin Timberlake, well he had both.

Muscle bound and short pants only accented the "hotness" of his character.  He will also be performing in Vanya and Sonia and Masha, starting June 17 at HART playing the part of Spike!

There are so many others with great performances from Ensemble to speaking parts and the combination made this musical a fun time for all attending.  Special mention goes the Bailey Dybwab as Rufus and Buddy Warren as Bruiser!  The PET stars of the show!

With the talents of Mark Jones, the Director, he certainly has the ability to bring the best to the Stage.  With the orchestra in the pit under the direction of Lynda Shuler,  special sound by Bruce Donley, Partick Trantham and Benedict Burgess,  Mark pulled it all together and gave the audience exactly what they came to see, a Broadway Musical!  It is always nice seeing the professional work when Mark is in charge!  Congratulations!

Another great addition to the show brought exceptional talents of  actors from Western Carolina University!  OMG

The Choreography for "Legally Blonde" was created by

Jessica Garland and the hard work back stage was accomplished by Karen Covington-Yow.  Congratulations to Tom Dewees for Sets!

Honorable mentions go to Calintha Briggs as Serena, Sean Bruce, Alexander Catlin, Frank Davis, Ashley Huber. Victoria Russell, Allie Spengler of the Ensemble.  Then you have Holly Ann Caldwell as Enid Hoops, Alexa Edelman as Whitney, Elle's Mom and Salesgirl, Annelise Henry played Kate, Candice Owen as Pilar, Karyn Panek as Leilani and the Dance Captain, Jassica Savitt as Chutney Wyndham and Delta Nu and performing Professor Callahan was Jeffery Stretfeld.  Finally, but certainly not least is Richard Walden as Sergei, Paramanov, Nikos, and Dance Captain.  Everyone worked so hard and it was a great success!



by Glenn Arnette