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Now you will have to go and see the comedy, as I will not be giving away the plot details by telling you which bachelor won or lost the romance! 

Just remember, there is "ONE SLIGHT HITCH!"

This is a wonderful comedy written by LEWIS BLACK and Directed by JEFF MESSER.  The setting for the play is the living room of the Coleman's in the upper-class suburbs of Cincinnatti, Ohio in 1981. 

Jeff Messer, the Director, as he says is a Radio Host!  Not true, he is a Radio Personality,  who is well known in his profession and a Director of Theatre.  His work with the actors in "ONE SLIGHT HITCH" blended each talent and brought this farce beautifully to the stage.  Congratulations to one of our theatre "Royals!"

Pictured L-R:  Lauren Kriel, Alexandra Andrew, Kara Morrison

Last night at the HART THEATRE in Waynesville, North Carolina for the opening of "ONE SLIGHT HITCH," it brought together two leading actors that were absolutely brilliant in their performance.  LYN DONLEY, known to everyone at HART as the DIVA OF THEATRE brought comedy to another level.  From musicals "Hello Dolly" as Dolly , "Company" as Joanne," Gypsy" as Mama, "Nunsense" as Sister Robert Ann to her hysterical role as Delia, the Mother in "One Slight Hitch," she captured another great role and brought the audience to screams of laughter.

  Combine her comic ability with MICHAEL LILLY, who plays Doc, the Father and you will have two talents that can hold an audience in their hands.  Michael,  whose resume reads like a novel of theatre, with performances from California to the Carolinas, Producer, Writer, Television Award Winner and performer with NBC and so much more,  creates MAGIC on the stage!

There are three sisters; i.e., LAUREN KRIEL, as Courtney (the bride of the day), KARA MORRISON, as Melanie and ALEXANDRA ANDREW as PB.  They each have individual personalities and keep the parents totally confused and in shock which certainly generates lots of laughter.  All three are first timers at HART!

Lauren has worked with the Montford Players in
​Asheville, Anam Cara Theatre Company and with ITP/NC Stage.

​Kara is involved with "Unto These Hills" Outdoor Drama in Cherokee and played Mary Clay in "Lincoln's Last Day" for the Smithsonian Channel and more. 

Alexandra is studying at Southwestern Community College and majoring in Fine Arts.

Now, take these two performers and surround them with a supporting cast of diversified talent and you have a wonderful evening in theatre without the headaches of everyday life. "ONE SLIGHT HITCH" is slapstick, door slamming hysteria and each character plays their part to keep the audience waiting for the next surprise.

"ONE SLIGHT HITCH" runs through

September 11, 2016. 



The two male romantic actors are JONATHAN LAWRENCE as Harper and JOSH MERRELL as Ryan.


Jonathan has recently performed in Jesus Christ Superstar and is glad to be on the HART stage once again. As Harper, this would be Psychiatrist is very quick to offer up his business card to Ryan after a funny couch session!

Josh is becoming a regular at HART and has recently performed in "The Fox," "All My Sons," and "The Winter's Tale." "One Slight Hitch" gives this groomed actor the opportunity to show off his muscles as he prances around the stage in his "All American Boxer Shorts!"

OMG, What is a Mother to do?

Just remember this is a day in the life of the Coleman Family on the wedding day for their daughter, Courtney.  From her "run in the park" until the end of the show, you will laugh, wonder and become a part of the day as one of the "wedding guests." 

​The set for "ONE SLIGHT HITCH was excellent and congratulations goes to

STEVE LLOYD for set and lighting design.  Steve is the Artistic Director of HART.  In the booth was BRUCE DONLEY on Sound and DAKOTA CAPPS working the lights!

DAVID ANTHONY YEATES was the Stage Manager and hails from Dublin, Ireland.  Recently, a new comer to the HART THEATRE, he is a dedicated theatre graduate of Theatre Sudies and Performing Arts in Dublin and last seen on the stage at HART in Jesus Christ Superstar.  Welcome aboard, Mr. Yeates!