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On entrance to the theatre, the audience was pleasantly surprised that they were immediately involved in the play.

 There was a wonderful Irish Band playing and the set was a typical Irish Country Pub and you were there!  Without hesitation, the audience was thrilled to know that they could go to the stage and have a pint of Beer, Cider or Soda, being served by the on stage bartender, Christy L. Bishop, who also provided the food for the the opening night party after the show.  Delicious!  Many pulled up the chairs and others sat at the bar and really enjoyed good conversation and laughter.

And then things change.  The lights went down, the people left the stage, the band stopped playing and the wind started blowing.  From that second on, you were placed in the moment of the experience with the actors on the stage who were weaving the supernatural into the storyline for the night.  Spooky!  By the time the play ends, you have lived the stories and lives of the actors.  What a moment in theatre you have experienced!



Photographer:  Dr. John Highsmith

THE WEIR was directed by Frances Davis with Set and Lighting Design by Steve Lloyd.  Nan Williamson was the Stage Manager and Lighting was Operated by Jim Thompson with Sound operated by Jacob Hunt.

The actors certainly brought the professionalism to the stage as always found in all of the performances at the HART THEATRE.

Jack was played by Mike Yow, Brendan by Stephen A. Gonya, Jim by Jason Williams, Finbar by David Hopes, Valerie by Eryn O'Sullivan.

For a real experience and a great night out, THE WEIR offers you moments from laughter to tears as you truly experience the supernatural.

It was a night of "eerie tales" on the main stage at the HART THEATRE in Waynesville, North Carolina last night!  But what a night it was!  

THE WEIR is one of the most successful plays written by Conor McPherson, one of Ireland's premier play writers.


This is a must see production.  One of the most interesting plays of the Season!

(Left to Right)  Stephen A. Gonya (Brendan), Eryn O"Sullivan (Valerie), Mike Yow (Jack), Jason Williams (Jim), Nan Williamson (Stage Manager), Frances Davis (Director),

David Hopes (Finbar)

Don't miss this production!  Now running weekends through November 1, 2010.  
Call the Box Office at 828-456-6322 for reservations.  

All seating the the Hart Theatre is exceptional!  The theatre is located at 250 Pigeon Street,

Waynesville, North Carolina 28786