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SHAKESPEARE requires lots of talent and believe me 'THE WINTER'S TALE" was sparkled with some of North Carolina's best!  Special recognition goes out to Dwight Chiles as Leontes, Josephine Thomas as Hermione, Jason Williams as Polixenes and Lyn Donley as Paulina.  Also you have Strother Stingley as Autolycum, Tom Dewees as the Shepherd and Josh Merrell as the Shepherd's son.  All class actors!


A newcomer to HART  as Lighting Assistant

 Patrick Trantham

If you have a love for the theatre and enjoy SHAKESPEARE, you must go and see

"THE WINTERS TALE"  For performance dates and tickets, call 

828-456-6322.  It is just one of those nights you will remember.

Every member of the cast gave outstanding  performances including David Brendan Hope as Camilo, Laura Gregory as Perdita.  Every moment a new actor graced the stage,  a wonderful performance presented itself.  Nicholas Christianson-Messer as Mamillius and his father, Jeff Messer played Antigonus.  Then you had Tabitha Judy as Emilia/Dorcas, Multiple Characters played by Sean Bruce and Jacob Hunt, Maids played by Christine Caldemeyer and Emma Heisey  and our own Head Chef for the HART THEATRE Christy L Bishop was Mopsa /Servants.   

Stage managers were Tom Dewees and Christy L. Bishop and the Lighting operator was Jim Thompson.  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

Following the Opening Night performance, it was a night of celebration with Champagne and Strawberries, wine, finger sandwiches and fantastic fellowship.

It was an opening night with standing ovations and bravos for the entire cast at HART THEATRE in Waynesville, North Carolina.  From the very moment "THE WINTER'S TALE"  started you were captivated by the musical sounds from the original score composed by Sarah Grace McCoy and Joshua Linhart.  The score gave the undercurrent to the drama on stage and combined with the words of Shakespeare kept us on the edge of our seats.

"THE WINTER'S TALE" wraps itself around the King and Queen, insanity and deception, greed,  romance and a happy ending!  How could you go wrong!  As Steve Lloyd, the Director put it, "As you watch our production we hope you will take away an understanding of how vulnerable we are to mistakes, and dependent we are to compassion of those around us.  We are part of the human comedy that sometimes, despite our sins, can bestow grace."


"You pay a great deal too dear for what's given freely." (Act 1, Scene 1)