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If and when you have a chance to come to the Smoky Mountains, make sure you take the time to visit Waynesville, North Carolina.  And if you are ever thinking about moving to the area, you will never regret it.  

There are four seasons each year and lots of happy times.  Don't let the Winter scare you as you never know what the weather might be.  For example the Sparkling Night of Christmas this year in Waynesville had a clear night, no wind , people in shorts, causal wear, t-shirts and light jackets.  It was a balmy 70 degrees and the LUMINARIES were shinning bright.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


The shops were packed and there was entertainment in each one of them.  Some had orchestras, others had Singers, one had a violinist and some had coral groups.  On the main corner there was a full band, then you could find guitar players, piano players and so much more.  Shops had snacks and drinks and the local beer breweries were just simply having a party!

The Main Street of Waynesville, North Carolina was packed with hundreds of people enjoying "A Night of Christmas!"  This annual event brings out the best in decorations for every single store and shop along the street.  Luminaries line both sides of the street and the trees are adorned with large magnificant ornaments to create a family festive mood!

DECEMBER 12, 2105


This is not just another "down town gathering."  It is a major event and certainly bring out the Holiday Spirit in all of us.  For a small community like Waynesville, they offer something just about every weekend throughout the year.  It's always alive and exciting and the merchants and customers enjoy good times together sharing the fun of a mountain village.