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Christy L. Bishop:  The food at the party was wonderful and the potato salad fantastic.  Thanks again!  Tell Mieko Thompson we loved the apple dish!  mmmmmm

Hello David Yeates!

​And now the rest of the story!  TO THE CAST AND CREW:  

Take your bows and enjoy the moments.  You deserved a standing ovation and loud bravos from your audience.  It was a great night in theatre and one I will highly recommend to everyone!

 Now performing at HART THEATRE through August 21,

"ALL MY SONS!".  Make your reservation now by calling the box office at 828-456-6322.  Performance times:  7:30 PM

(Evenings) and 2 PM Matinees.  Admission $24 Adults, Seniors $20 and $11 Students.  www.harttheatre.org 

ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS FROM "ALL MY SONS! and the free opening night party for all those attending.

When you have a cast of players that bring each and every character to life, it is hard to say which one was better, as they all were exceptional.  

Holly Cope, playing Sue Bayliss, the wife of Jim Bayliss played by Mike Yo​w are two of HART'S most respected performers.  Seen frequently in many roles, they always bring their characters to life on the stage and this neighbor couple to the Keller family is no exception.

Josh Merrell plays Frank Lubey and is the husband to Lydia Lubey played by AshleyHuber, a Junior an BFA major at WCU making her third debut at HART, and Josh has been working for over 10 years at HART and recently was seen in "The Fox", "A Winter's Tale" and next the play, "One Slight Hitch!" Another HART leading  talent!

And then there is the marvelous performance of Suzanne Tinsley playing Kate Keller, the wife of Joe Keller.  What can I say?  Exceptional, perfectly cast, and a convincing wife with everyday trauma, love and heartbreak, the performance bringing the audience into her real life situation.

Certainly last but not least is the Summer Star of Hart who just finished playing Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar!"

 Hunter Henrickson plays George Deever the brother of Ann Deever performed by Emily Crock.  Extremely talented, Hunter is considered to be one of HART's most popular actors and he certainly did not let the audience down in "All My Sons!"



Not only does HART THEATRE have as their Artistic Director, Steve Lloyd, they also have Steve Lloyd, a STAR in Arthur Miller's, ALL MY SONS" now playing on the Main Stage through

August 21.  Without a doubt this is one of the finest productions ever presented and every single member of the cast was outstanding in their individual performances. 

Guess who's back?  It is Adam Kampouris playing Chris Keller.  This seasoned professional known to the HART Stage for performances in "Equus," "Hamlet," "The Actor and the Assassin," certainly returned in "All My Sons' with one of his best leading roles. 

The intensity of the play with its development throughout the three acts will keep you on the edge of your seat.  This is Arthur Miller at his best and one of the best performances by all of the qualified actors.  Should I give you the plot?  Absolutely not, as you would not enjoy your evening in theatre if you had all the answers.  Go and expect a great night at HART THEATRE in Waynesville, North Carolina


Special recognition goes the the hard work of the Director of

"All My Sons",Julie Kinter, a 15 year veteran of Hart and also considered to be a leading actress who has performed many roles including Sally Bowles in" Cabaret"and Velma Kelley in "Chicago."

Now let's talk about Mary Grace Mullinix who plays Gert.  Look out America here she comes!  This young lady held her own against some of the best talent at HART!  Coming from the "dynasty parents of entertainment" of Kelli Mullinix and Jeff Messer, this adorable 9 year old almost stole the show.

The backyard of the Keller home on the outskirts on an American town.  August morning, circa 1946

(Based on a true story!)

​........The night Ann Deever returns to her old neighborhood to visit Chris Keller and his family, a tree in their backyard blows over in a storm.  The tree was planted as a memorial to the older Keller son, Larry, a fighter pilot who was lost in World War 11.  The morning after the storm, family members and neighbors gather in the yard to chat and read the newspaper, and to discuss Ann's return.  Thus, the drama begins!

It was nice knowing that Nan Williamson the Stage Manager, She always does a wonderful job and looks fantastic sneaking across the stage in her styish black outfit.  Congratulations to Tom Dewees for his stage construction. 

Special cudo's to the Lighting Operator, Jim Thompson and  Patrick Trantham  and Music Compilation by Julie Kinter.

Now ready yourself for the beautiful Emily Crock playing Ann Deever, who graces the stage as the love interest of the show and flaunts that beauty and romance with Adam Kampouris, playing Chris Keller.  The talent of the two of them is Broadway quality and deserves praise from the audience.