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A packed house and another success for Altrusa International of Waynesville, North Carolina!  It was the perfect time and place to meet new people, enjoy delicious soup and nibble on a little cornbread.  

This annual event is held to raise funds for the Haywood County Schools foundation fund for Altrusa Scholorships.  

Altrusa International of Waynesville, Inc, was chartered in 1880.  Since 1994 they have granted $140,000 in Haywood Country Scholarship.  

The Altrusa members have a passion for service achieved through hands-on efforts, working with other groups and fund raising events.  

Altrusa reaches out to strengthen and serve this community through commitment to service and growth in leadership!

Congratulation for your hard work and we always look forward to supporting your organization.  By the way, I hope you did not miss the delicious potato leek and vegetable soup! .....and the peanut butter pie made by Lyn Donley!

And then you were greeted by Jolene Hocott with a grand smile, and you knew this was going to be fun and delicious!  

Co-Chairing the event and making it so successful were Marlyn Dickinson and Jan Herrmann.  With theses two bringing together all of their members, friends and guests, they created a positive atmosphere where each person seemed special.  What a great organization!

On entrance you were greeted by Pat Janke and Mary Millar who welcomed you to the event and thanked you personally for  your support for Altrusa!

Here are some of those responsible for making the"SOUP AND CORNBREAD" a wonderful outing!  I saw so many friends and it was just like a family gathering!  Congratulations to all!  See you again next year at the United Methodist Church in Waynesville, North Carolina in support of Altrusa International and its annual fundraiser for the Haywood County Schools!