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By Glenn Arnette, lll

 Once Upon A Time…….and then there was BEER!  Now I am not talking about the American Brands of our famous beers, but the beer under the purity laws of Germany.  There is nothing more enjoyable and to top it off, there are no additives.  You do not get a headache or find yourself staggering in a drunken stupor when enjoying delicious German beer.  However on occasion, some do stager and fall!

My introduction to the excitement in Munich and Bavaria was recent when I was invited to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Beer Gardens of Germany.  The Munich Tourism Bureau, the Bavarian Tourism Office and the Upper Bavaria Tourism Office invited a group of International Journalist to experience the event.  This is an opportunity that all of you would certainly enjoy and should not miss.  It is festive, historical, more fun than you can imagine, but most of all an event and time you will never forget.  Start packing now for the Oktoberfest, 2012.

“Beer is a major part of German culture. For many years German beer was brewed in adherence to the Reinheitsgebotorder or law which only permitted water, hops and malt as beer ingredients until its repeal in 1988. The order also required that beers not exclusively using barley-malts such as wheat beer must be top-fermented.”  My knowledge is limited regarding the history of beer in Germany is the best tasting and most enjoyable beer in the world and there is a real art to beer drinking!

There are many festivals saluting beer through the year, but the one we know the most is the 16-18 day festival from late September to the first weekend in October.  It is the Munich, Bavaria, Germany Oktoberfest.  They serve over 7 million liters of beer during the festival with pretzels, baked chickens, sausages, and hundreds of out delicious delights and the music alone will have you dancing on the tables.

For a beer to qualify for the Munich Oktoberfest, the beer companies must be within the city limits of Munich and must have a minimum of 13.5 % Master Spice.  If the beer passes the criterion, it is designated as Oktoberfest Beer!

To top off the quality of brewed beers all over Germany, you will find wonderful Beer Gardens where you can enjoy family, friends and food.  How about bringing the family and your own prepared food to a Beer Garden?  It is permissible as long as you buy a beer from the establishment.  Imagine an afternoon not costing a fortune and you still have a good time!  The German Beer Gardens are the gathering place for all to relax and have great conversation.  For 200 years it has been a German Tradition!

 Next time I will be talking about some of the Beer Gardens we experience through the week while in Germany especially in Munich.   Munich is proud to have close to 200 beer gardens; among them, the largest beer garden in the world. 

 Beer Garden Augustiner Keller

 Dating back to 1812, this beer garden is the oldest one in Munich. In former times, people came here to see the famous "beer bull" bringing up beer from its cool storage in the cellar. Although the bull is long gone, the beer garden looks exactly as it was back then. Fresh Augustiner beer is served.


You can find beer gardens all over Germany, but the most traditional and charming beer gardens are still in Bavaria, where they first started growing in the early 19th century.



An Experience in Travel and Beer!
By Glenn Arnette, lll

 I have traveled!  Believe me, I have traveled and there is nothing more professional than German Tourism.  They are knowledged in every aspect of travel and entertainment for the visitor and it can even start at the Munich Airport in Munich, Germany!

 When invited to tour the Beer Gardens of Germany and celebrate the 200 years of “drinking”, I want to start by congratulating the hard work by the following:

Tourismusverband Munchen-Oberbayern e.V. Upper Bavaria Tourist Board and Angelika Nuscheler (Know by all Journalists as “Mother”.)

Tourismusamt München, Munich Tourism  and Helga Strohmayr

 Bayern Tourismus Marketing / Bavaria Tourism and Sarah Roob

 Ingolstadt Tourismus und Kongress GmbH and Tanja Kraus

 Stadt Freising, City of Freising and Elisabeth Weichselbaumer

 AIB-Kur and Thomas Jahn

 These professionals made it possible for the Journalists to enjoy experiences all of our readers should partake when traveling the Germany.

 The purpose was to visit a number of Breweries and experience each of their BEERS.  Now to tell you about each taste would not help you one bit, as each is delicious and each Brewery is extremely proud of their offerings.

 We started in Ingolstadt at the Herrnbrau Brewery and toured the facility and sampled along the way. Remember someone had to do this!  Now Germans know how to appreciate BEER and we saw it first hand when we next visited the Maypole Celebration in Munich.  I have heard so many things about how wonderful it is to be in Germany at this time, but it is beyond that!  What a fun time we had at the Viktualienmarkt with a fantastic lunch and (oh, yes..) BEER!  Afterwards, we were taken through the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum.  (Followed by more BEER and food!)

Later in the afternoon after we had time to refresh, we were taken to the Thomas-Wimmer-Ring (near Isartor) and the Restaurant Chinese Tower in the English Garden.  This is Paradise and extremely beautiful where everyone can enjoy a brilliant evening dining and more BEER!  This is a must when in the Munich area!  The evening was exceptional and I guess a little wild, but so much fun!

 The following day we went to the world famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich.  What excitement with so many people.  I decided to have sausages and white asparagus along with BEER!  With the German band and the beer one could get lost in this place for days.  PARTY!

 Freising was our next stop and of course it is known as “Beer City”!  We climbed the mountain to reach the top to visit and tour the Weihenstephan Brewery, the oldest brewery in the world!  Would you believe we had Bavarian specialties and a BEER tasting there also?

 That evening we were taken to a former German Barracks, later the American Barracks after World War II in MaxIrain / Bad Aibling that was converted into a beautiful hotel.  Dinner that night was at the Restaurant Waage at the Hotel Lindners and it was Gourmet!  Yes, they had BEER! MaxIrain / Bad Aibling is famous for HEALTH expecially their famous MUD BATHS!  This gives one a new life and is a must when in Germany!

 With time running out on this tour and with sad hearts, we took time to visit the Maxlrain Brewery and attend the “Mangfall Classic”, a vintage car show.  With the Castle Maxlrain hovering in the background we had our final lunch and BEER at the Braustuberl Maxlrain.


With tears and goodbyes to the many journalists and friends, it was off the Munich Airport and the trip back to the States.  As we toasted with a BEER, we all said our experience celebrating the200 years of the Bavarian Beer Gardens will never be forgotten. 

 Truly EVERYONE must travel to Germany and do this trip when possible.

 Thanks for the moments of joy!

For more information go
to www.200yearsbeergarden.comBAVARIAN

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