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While there, we had a real Television Celebrity come in to check on his moonshine that is Bottled and Distilled by Bootleggers.  EWOK certainly charmed the room and was extremely gracious with all the costomers in the store.  Do you remember his show, "Appalachian Outlaws?"

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"It's just an itty bitty Country place" and sells legal MOONSHINE!  

Located in Hartford, Tennessee is where you will find the Master Distiller / Owner, Darrell Miller and his crew making up a mess of brew!  From Apple Moonshine, Peach, Original, Salted Caramel and Pineapple and all the other specialties, you will find this moonshine as one of your favorites in all of Tennessee.

Just think back to the olden days and those moonshine movies when the "good old boys" use to run that "white lightening" all over the hills while being chased by the law. My goodness how times have changed! 

When you are touring the Mountains, always take a few minutes to have a good time at BOOTLEGGERS.  This is the place for your "take home specialty items!"  ( I think you know what I mean!)  Give them a hello and tell them I told you all about it!  Visit their website at www.bootleggerswhiskey.com

When you arrive at BOOTLEGGERS located of 1-40 at exit 447 just over the Tennessee line, you will find yourself having a good time in just a few minutes.  THEY DO TASTINGS!  On the day that I was there, the guy handling the store was RANDY BALL!  You can ask all the questions and he will have all the answers, and after about the third taste of the moonshine, he will become your good long lost friend!  

Darrell Miller, you certainly found a good man in Randy!  

The moonshine prices are fair and I highly recommend you take home a jar or two of cherry moonshine, packed with maraschino cherries. After about two of those delicious red cherries, your will probably want to buy all they have in stock to take home to friends!

EWOK is also USA RAFT of the Smoky Mountains! He would love to arrange a tour next Spring down the river!  Give a call to schedule single or group adventures.  888 USA RAFT !

Man alive, you have never tasted anything better than the PROOF OF THE PUDDIN'. (That's the straight-up, down-to-earth, no flavor added white lightening!)  Makes a man's mouth water.  We never thought it would be legal and delicious at the same time!

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