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The Performers:  Luke Haynes, Lyndi Hewitt, Ronna Wilson and Company

When you say, Musical Director, you automatically think Lenora Thom!

The Performers:  Will Jones and Barry Pate, Frank Salvo, Holly Harmon, Bruce Martin, Tasha Pepi, Doug Hauschild

Pictured :  Leslie Lang with Director of BUSINESS SINGS BROADWAY, Jerry Crouch.  Leslie will be one of those starring in Jerry's next production, SWEENEY TODD at Asheville Community Theatre.

​Also your Emcees:  Lori and McRae Hilliard.

The Performers:  Kelli Mullinix and Bettina Holmes, Delia Lytle Bailey, Will Jones, Ellen Pappas

It takes a number of people to help put this production together.  The Technical Director, Jill Summers, the Lighting Designer, Adam Cohen, the Sound Engineer, Lee Ponder Tech Assistant, Cordell Nichols and Follow Spot Operators, Jack Anderson and Graham Podraza all made the night enjoyable.

Now let's take a look at the performers for the evening!

The Title sponsor for the Evening was ALOFT, ASHEVILLE DOWNTOWN.


 certainly brought in the talent and a lot of love into the auditorium.  It was a fun night for all and especially for those attending!

The above performers:  Mark Jones, Ellen Pappas, Mike Martinelli and Trissa King, Lori Hendrickson, 

Kelli Mullinix.

"Another Opening, Another Show"

......and what a night of talent!

When a show is Created and Directed by Jerry Crouch, you can expect the best and his fundraiser for the Asheville Community Theatre, BUSINESS SINGS BROADWAY, was a smash success.  Under the Musical Direction of Lenora Thom and Emcees Lori and McRae Hillard and Stage Managed by Richard Holcomb you have a show biz stopper!  From every walk of life and many occupations, the talent could not have been better.  The proof is in the pudding when the audience lends great support and offered a deserved standing ovation at the end!  Congratulations to each one of you!