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The Museum of the Cherokee Indians

 And the Oconaluftee Indian Village

By Glenn Arnette

How many of you have thought, “Oh no, not another museum?”  I remember my travels in Europe when I would say, “Not another castle or museum!”  Well, that will not be the case when you visit the wonderful Native American community of Cherokee, North Carolina.  The changes over the past 10 years have been spectacular, especially since the towering Harrah’s Cherokee Casino opened. 

This tourist destination has reborn itself and now commands your attention.  From “Unto These Hills,” the outdoor drama, to The Museum of the Cherokee Indians, you will enjoy Cherokee with a new sense of appreciation as a place of entertainment, great history of the Cherokee nation and family adventures you will talk about for days and even years to come.

Start with one of the best examples of a real historical and learning experience by visiting the THE MUSEUM OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS under the leadership of its Executive Director, Bo Taylor and the very talented Ethan…….. They have organized a unique operation that other museums around the country are watching with great interest.  That is called success because it is one of the most visited in the Southeast!

The 11,000 year story of the Cherokee is inspired by the Cherokee people and describes up close the “spirit” of the Cherokee people of their inventiveness, resilience and the will to survive and survive they have done.  This is no longer just another Native American Reservation, this is the Cherokee from the past, present and to the future.  You can find all of the dreams and realities in one of the top ten native sites east of the Mississippi, the Museum of the Cherokee Indian!

From the OCONALUFTEE INDIAN VILLAGE to the MUSEUM OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS, there is power in the hills.  The village is a place to step back in time by touring the authentic working village with dwellings, residents and artisans right out of the 1760’s.  Watch as they hull canoes, make pottery and mask, weave baskets and beadwork and participate in their daily activities.   Learn the dances of the natives and appreciate their kindness and friendship.  Follow their dreams as you actually live in their world.

Remember the days of feathers and drums, well those days are dwarfed by the upscale lifestyle of the Cherokee.  They offer a complete package of family entertainment and a vacation destination.  From those typical tourist shops, you have added top art and cultural shops, beautiful jewelry and exceptional native pottery and handwork that you would only find in top cities around the world.  The Cherokee have arrived and have done it is style.

You may travel other reservations, but you will never find another presentation as given by the Cherokee Nation.  This is the real place as presented by the Cherokee and staring the Cherokee and one of the longest running historical stories of this country!  As their sign states, “You are entering the Cherokee Reservation” and they mean it!  Congratulations!

My personal thanks to Ethan for his assistance in being a part of The Museum of the Cherokee Indians.

For additional information regarding the outdoor drama, the Museum of the Cherokee Indians or the Oconaluftee Indian Village, you can call 828-497-3481 (Museum) or 866-554-4557 (Village).   THE CHEROKEE NATION ALIVE AND THRIVING!