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Chimney Rock, North Carolina    

by Glenn Arnette, lll

THE ROCK is still one of North Carolina’s most exciting attractions.  The adventure starts as you drive through the entrance in Chimney Rock Park, North Carolina.  You cross the bridge and for a couple or so miles you head up to the parking area at the bottom of this famous attraction. 

CHIMNEY ROCK PARK offers adventures in hiking, climbing, walking, runs, bike riding and more.  It is a place to enjoy and relax with the entire family.  Chimney Rock is the background in the filming of The Last of the Mohicans, with Daniel Day-Lewis, Firestarter with Drew Barrymore and a Breed Apart. There are other features of the park such as the Stairmaster climb, 404-Foot Waterfall and Leaf Peeping during the Fall.  You have a presence of being somewhere important.  It is an outing you will long remember because of the spectacular vistas of the mountains and valleys including the vacation spot of Lake Lure, North Carolina.

Once you arrive in the parking area, you will enter the tunnel and head to the elevator.

 Yes, I said elevator up 26 stories through the mountain to your destination at the top.  Once the doors open you will find yourself in a wonderful gift shop complete with snack foods and more.

  Exit the shop and walk across the bridge to the stairs leading to the top of the Rock.

As you climb you will see the American Flag standing proudly at the top of the Chimney Rock. What a view you will see from all sides.  Believe me when I tell you it is a 75 mile panoramic view!  After spending time on the top you can take many trails in all directions.  One even leads to a 404 foot waterfall.

​​Chimney Rock is a staple in tourism after over 100 years of operation.  They offer the public many exciting events; i.e.,      7th Annual Race to the Top, “Off the Beaten Path”, Tie the Knot, Music on the Mountain Concert Series and so much more.  Why in the village just down the way they even offer an annual Dirty Dancing Festival to rescreen the famous movie in the town it was filmed.  The Chimney Rock and the area is the Hollywood of the Southeast!

The Chimney Rock Park rescreens The Last of the Mohicans each year on the grounds and it is a very popular event!

The rates are very reasonable and worth the enjoyment for all the members of your family.  This is not a Disney or Universal type of adventure.  This is the real thing!  God made and more than breathtaking!  It gives one a sense of pride and makes you proud to be an American.  Why go any other place in the world when the beauty of Chimney Rock Park is right at your fingertips!

The reason you have such an active adventure in the mountains of North Carolina is because of the talents who heads up the Public Relations and Marketing for the Park.  CONGRATULATIONS!

For additional information you can contact them at                  


 Visit their website www.chimneyrockpark.com