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Another memory that is always in my heart, happened with my Dad.  He was an alcoholic through my younger years until I went off to college.  Then one day, he called my Mother and me into the living room and said, “Do you want me to stop drinking or stop smoking?”  Well, that was a big shock and we never saw it coming.  Immediately, we both said, “Stop drinking!”  At that point he took us by the hand and led us to the trunk of his car where he opened it revealing a case of scotch.  With that he said, “If I ever take another drink from this day forward, I will not stop until I consume that entire case!”  He never drank again and for his 16 remaining years on earth he was my Dad and that case of scotch was always there, untouched!

One night I had a dream about Dad and in that dream, God told me I had to do two things for him before he died.  I guess that stems from the fact that we were never really close because of his drinking problem.  I always would run away from the bad times, however, drunk or sober; he loved us unconditionally and never was abusive.

Later in his life he started failing in health and I still had that dream in the back of my mind.  God told me these two things I had to do and I never forgot them.  One, hold your Dad’s hands.  Two, tell him you love him.  There are not many sons out there who would do this, but this I had to do!

Mother called me one day and told me the Doctor was coming by to talk with Dad about his failing health and she wanted me there.  While there, Mother was talking about Dad’s hands, fingers and the half moons in the nail not being there.  She said, “Look at them!”  At that point I knew that God was giving me the chance to hold my Dad’s hands.  Do you know that he would not let my hands go and we sat there and talked for a long time.  I knew he loved me so much!

Another day right before Christmas and Dad’s health had weakened his body and his energy level was limited, but he had to go Christmas shopping for the family.  He asked that I take him in the car as he had a few things he wanted me to pick up for him.

Now, he was a smoker!  I hated that and begged for years for him to stop, but to no avail.  With cancer killing him because of cigarettes and at that time he was taking special medicines to help with his pain, he decided to light up a cigarette again.  I said, “Don’t you know they told you that your medicine would not work if you continued smoking?”  With that he turned to me and said, “Why do you and your Mother stay on my back about these cigarettes?”  Then I knew that God had opened up the moment for me to fulfill my second desire.  With a deep breath, I said, “I do it, Dad, because I love you!”

Not one word was spoken for about seven to ten blocks on this shopping experience.  Then all of a sudden, he turned to me and said, “Don’t you know that I have known that all of your life?”  Then I knew, my Dad loved me!

So on this Christmas holiday, let me challenge you to do two things.  One, take someone’s hand; i.e., wife, child, husband, friend, and just hold it and say nothing.  The moment will take care of itself!

Second, tell someone you love them; i.e., wife, child, husband, friend and soak in the moment knowing that they heard you and that they really care, too!

Not too soon after Christmas, my Dad died in my arms, and as God took him home, my Dad heard me say once again, “I love you so and thank you for loving me!”


“Whatever happens or what may be,

Here is what Christmas time means to me…..”

By Glenn Arnette            (Christmas 2015)

Remembering and sharing are the two things that are important to me during the Holiday Season.  Being friendly and saying “Hello” or “Merry Christmas” to friends, neighbors and strangers can bring warmth to your Spirit.  Holiday Season is a time to reflect on those you love and remember from the past and those in the present.

It is amazing how I will never forget my Mother at Christmas time saying to me, “You must never forget my love for you and always have something under your Christmas tree from me each year.”  Do you know that each year, something will catch my eye and out of the blue, I will hear my Mother’s voice saying, “That is it!  Wrap it up and put it under the tree from me this year!”  To this day, I know she never left me and that little Christmas present under the tree always is a way to know that she is still my Santa Claus.

Take this Holiday Season and know that the birth of Jesus Christ is the hope and salvation for your life, friends and family.  Yes, there is a Father in Heaven and He loves you unconditionally and more than you can ever imagine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

We are on this earth to enjoy life and do wonderful things for each other.  Gathering together is the real Spirit of love and isn’t that what life is really all about?