Joe Beasley

Recently while dining there I ordered the Sliced Brisket and Pulled Pork Platter and on arrival to the table it was very impressive and served with a smile saying,  "Hope you enjoy America's best!"  I certainly enjoyed every moment of the dining experience!  The Brisket had a crispy and very tasty crunchy top and the meat would melt in your mouth.  The Pulled Pork is better that any I have had in other surrounding States.  The slaw was delicious, but those Collard Greens were out of this world and as most would say, "To die for!"

Brenda Bishop

From Peach Cobbler or Banana Pudding to warm fresh made Burbon or plain Pecan Pie, you will savor every bite!  Frankly there is nothing in this restaurant that is not beyond delicious!  If you expect a fancy place with table clothes and real napkins, get over it!  It is North Carolina paper towels and "wipe me clean" tables!  Ever heard of one of those eat off the floor places?  It is that clean and spotless with the highest State ratings!

When Danny presented the slab to me, it was time for a song, "Oh, Danny Boy!"  NOW THAT IS A REAL SLAB OF RIBS!  

I promise you when you start and finish all of those ribs, you will be having "visions of sugar plums dancing in your head! 


The Mercantile Store has everything from Ice Cream to Gifts.  Now if Cindy Brock is there, get ready for a good time!  What a pleasure and she is full of local information and historical facts.  There is also a Banquet Room for private events, a wonderful outdoor seating and dining area when the weather is perfect. (Pictured:  Cindy Brock with Angelika Nuschler of the German Tourism Bureau)

Oh, they have different sauces too, from mild to extremely hot!  There is one called, S.O.B.!  That's right and it will "burn you out" giving you a HOT, OMG moment!  Even Angelika Nuschler, visiting from the Bavarian Tourism Board in Germany, could not wait to take a jar back to her husband.

Not only do the Beasley's and Brenda own the Dillsboro Haywood Smokehouse, they have the Dillsboro Haywood Mercantile Store just across from the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad tracks on the Main Drag.  But wait, they are now working on an entertainment center area and Steak House!

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By Glenn Arnette, lll

The Owners, Joe, R.J., and Will Beasley and  Brenda Bishop, truly know the business and certainly know how to hire great staff.  Everyone seems very happy, not just this visit, but every time I have been there!  My personal thanks to Carol Booth and Cindy Carter.  You could not have been more helpful!

The Dillsboro Haywood Smokehouse is a happy place, and I mean happy.  Just look at the staff picture and know that they are there to help you enjoy your meal. (L-R: Davey, Danny, Kale, Shamous, Trevor, Terri, Sue, Julie, Lesley, Hanna, Avery, Addie)

Carol Booth

You will never forget your experience when you visit Dillsboro, North Carolina.  This quaint artistic community will capture your imagination from local artists to those priceless homemade goodies you can only find in a small village.  Be sure to make time for lunch or dinner and when you do, go to the Dillsboro Haywood Smokehouse, you tell them Glenn sent you!  Guess what that will get you?  A glass of water!

Even HOLLYWOOD hangs out in Dillsboro!

Give them a call :  828-631-9797

403 Haywood Road

Dillsboro, NC 28725

It is not just another restaurant located in some small place in North Carolina, it is known as Dillsboro Haywood Smokehouse and probably the most famous BBQ and BRISKET house in the Southeast!  With two locations in the Smoky Mountains, the other in Waynesville, you will never have a bad meal in the restaurants.  Catering to the STARS OF HOLLYWOOD and the tourists, needless to say the locals, you will never forget the experience.  "It's just another itty, bitty country place" with the nicest people and the best food!

Believe me, that is only the beginning of the offerings at the Dillsboro Haywood Smokehouse.  How about a Texas Melt Brisket Sandwich with onion peppers, mushrooms and provolone cheese or 1/2 Chicken or Chopped Chicken Platter?  Don't forget the green beans and wonderful pork and beans!  Delicious and there is so much more!

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Terri Scott,

Jeff and Donna Smith


Now step back and be the man or woman I know you can be when you order the FULL SLAB OF ST. LOUIS RIBS.  Now after that, you can have a prayer service and its "Praise the Lord time for that dish!"