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Each year Maggie Valley, North Carolina makes Fall just like a big Christmas Festival!  With many volunteers and a big fundraising campaigne raising over $20,000 and supported by the businesses along the main drag, you have a spectacular drive with many vignettes of Fall along the road!  It certainly is a picture opportunity!

So come and join the fun in the Mountains and know that as you leave you will be certainly be given a yell out:  "Y"all come back now, you hear?"


North Carolina is exploding with the excitement of FALL.  It is pre-leaf season, but the feeling of Summer is gone!  It is all about food and Pumpkins, orange and yellow, sweater vest and light jackets.  

The Halloween decorations are beginning to be seen in the yards along with stacks of corn stalks, bright Fall flowers accented with pumpkins and just about everything you can imagine to make the theme complete.  There is fresh homemade fudge, candied apples, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin syrup, pumpkin everything for you to taste and enjoy.  The smell of cider is everywhere and for some reason people seem to be talking louder with excitement.  I love it!  Don't forget there is a little smoke in the air from wood burning fireplaces!

You too can enjoy it now, as the gas prices are lower and the mountains are free for the entire family!