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Robert (Bob) Hounshell, General Manager, (pictured left) was telling us about the history and background regarding the discovery of the Caverns.  The most fascination story regards to making of moonshine back in the 1920's because of the water supply from two streams!  "Leave it to the good old boys, they always found a way!"  



Bob also to us that in 1964 a group of professional businessmen began the planning and vast undertaking of opening this natural attraction to the public.  After 3 years of excavation and developement, FORBIDDEN CAVERNS was opened in June 1967.

This walking tour takes you into the Caverns where it is always 58 degrees, so you might need a light jacket.  It truly is breathtaking and the knowledge of the guides will take you back in history and the birth of this earth!  

Our guide for the day was

Zac Wolfe  (pictured right) with nine years experience of working the Caverns.  What knowledge!  He made our tour so interesting and he had the answers to all of our questions!  Thanks, Zac!

Pictures do not do justice to the actual experience of being in the presence of the living and growing formations!  It is really breathtaking and something your family will talk about and share together for a long time.

For information regarding tickets, details and dates open, contact them at

865-453-5972 or visit thier website at www.forbiddencavern.com


This WONDER attracts thousands each year and offers Ancient Mysteries, Indian Legends and tales of the Bootleggers of the 1920's. On the "one hour tour" you will see sparkling formations, towering natural chimneys, numerous grottos and a crystal clear stream. With special lighting and stereophonic sound and brilliant TOUR GUIDES, you will leave knowing you have just seen one of the world's best productions!

Located just outside Sevierville, Tennessee (the home of Dollywood) is one of America's Best Attractions and it is an adventure for the entire family.  I am not talking about the magnificant mountains, Fall colors and all those things that draw people to the Smoky Mountains, I am talking about the beauty that's hidden beneath the Great Smoky Mountains!

 FORBIDDEN CAVERNS, America's great Natural Attraction!