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Recently we had  guests arrive from Palm Coast, Florida in Waynesville, North Carolina and the first thing they wanted to do was take the GRAY LINE TROLLEY TOUR in Asheville.  Did they like it?  Oh, yes and it was the highlight of their trip.  For the next two days they were leading us around the City because of the knowledge they learned from the tour.


All signs in Asheville should lead first to the Asheville Visitors Center and then to the booth inside for the GRAY LINE HOP-ON HOP OFF TROLLEY CITY TOUR DESK.  I have taken this tour probably 10 times and have never been bored by the tour guide or the history of the area.  Frankly, every time I go, I learn something new about Asheville, one of America's greatest upcoming Cities!

John and Marie Darrow were surprised over the new GRAY LINE TROLLEY TOUR BUS and the comfortable padded seats.  They commented on the cleaniness of the bus and the comfort in the ride.

Now enters the TOUR GUIDE AND DRIVER, MATT WILSON.  He is the best Guide and Manager and the one I enjoy the most when I have people on board!  He has the knowledge and the personality to really keep you entertained and has most of the answers to your questions regarding the City.  GO MATT!

If you would take time to read the other articles about the GRAY LINE TROLLEY TOURS, you will see all of the stops alone the way and how to enjoy the HOP-OH AND HOP-OFF feature.  


The tour last for about an hour and a half and runs $26 for Adults and children (5 - 11 years) $12.  If you do not want to use the "on-off" feature it cost $23 for Adults and $10 for Children.

ive them a call now and check the schedule as buses run every 30 minutes throughout the day. 828-251-8687

My personal thanks to Johnathan Helmken and his family (Owners) for making the Asheville, North Carolina GRAY LINE TROLLEY HOP-ON HOP-OFF TOURS the best in Gray Line USA.