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Marge Bateman and Susan Dallas

Annie, Matt and Michael

Recently I had the pleasure of entertaining two very special guests from the State of Kentucky.  Susan Dallas, who has been with the Tourism office in Louisville over 27 years and Marge Bateman who worked for the Governor's Office for the State Department of Tourism  of Kentucky.


First of all, the fee is very inexpensive for this fun, hysterical, factual tour offered by some of the best guides in the Country.  The tour runs approximately one hour and forty five minutes with the "hop on and off" options allowing you plenty of time to stop along the way and board another bus at your pleasure.  There is also a two day option if you plan to be in the area.


There is only one way to enjoy and understand the layout of the beautiful City of Asheville, North Carolina and that is by going over to the Visitors Center, located at 36 Montford Avenue to board one of the GRAY LINE TROLLEY TOURS.  For the life of me, that is the only way to really know the history and beauty of one of the leading upcoming Cities in the United States.  

Michael, the best storyteller!

The GRAY LINE TROLLY TOUR OF ASHEVILLE is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.  Give them a call and go by and leave the "driving to them."  It is wonderful!  828-251-8687

By-the-way, the Kentucky Tourism ladies said, "This is one of the best tours we have ever taken!   Congratulations to Asheville's Gray Line!"

My job was to give these top Tourism leaders an opportunity to see the mountains and the best of the City of Asheville itself!   Well, that is not a difficult job, when you know the history and quality service offered by all of the Staff and Owners of the GRAY LINE TROLLEY TOURS.  So let me make something very clear.

Now, take a ride and enjoy the FALL COLORS we happen to pass along the way.  This is truly one of the best times to take the tour.  Another tour would be the special one coming up for the Holidays.  Get ready for THE GRAY LINE HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS TROLLEY TOUR.  It is guaranteed to be the highlight of your vacation!