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Tiffanie Boone, Ruth Butler, Sarah Conklin, Cecilia DellaSavia, Bonnie DeMarco, Anna Denson, Michelle Free, Drake Frost, Chelcy Frost, Noelle Frost, Cheryl Goldberg, Melody Goldberg, Dalton Hamlett, Sally Inglesby-Schaefer, Trissa King, Lily Klinar, Ruth Planey, Carolyn Pope, Stan Smith, Tiffany Yates


Harmony Canaday, Ashley Huber, Allie Spengler

After the opening night performance, there was a reception held in the lobby for all of those attending.  Good friend, actors and guests had a chance to chat about the presentation.  

One of the central characters is JUDAS, the betrayer and the tragic figure who carried out   the plot leading to the crucifixion of Jesus.  He gave Him the kiss of death and he ran away to hang himself.  Judas, played by Xander Sky Wells, performing his first time at HART is a Junior at Northern Kentucky University.

The production brought the musical into the modern world and with its progressive interpretation kept us trying to place historical facts of the Bible with those on the stage.  Jesus became human and we followed the progression of His life right up to His crucifixion.  

And then there is  King Herod, played by Dwight Chiles and his  "King Herod's Song".  Without going into great detail about the talents of Dwight, just let me say, you have seen him and you will see him again on just about every stage in Western North Carolina.  His ability to perform in every genre of theatre is remarkable.  By-the-way, he stops the show with this performance!

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is a show you will always remember as brought to life on the HART Stage.  While listening to the music and watching this modern interpretation of the musical, it brings you to the realization and reason Christ died for us.  

As Julie Kinter, the Co-Director of the play stated in the program,

"Christian belief is that Jesus was the Son of God who came down to experience life as the very beings whose sin he would take away, Whether you believe in this or not, it is a palpable depiction of empathy that we cannot help reciprocate as he struggles with His mission.  Can you allow yourself to imagine carrying the weight of the sin of the world?  Can you imagine struggling internally, the doubt, the fear, facing the most horrific pain known to man?" 

Congratulations to the entire cast, crew, Directors and Orchestra for bringing it all together for us to enjoy!

As a Christian, even though Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice decided to leave Jesus on the cross at the closing of the musical, THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY!  He arose and ascended into the Heaven's and sits at the right hand of God.

STAGE MANAGER:  Julie Kinter


SOUND: Bruce Donley / Patrick Trantham


Piano :  Isaac Fulk and Sarah McCoy

Flute/Reeds:  Misty Theisen

Saxophone/Reeds:  Alan Theisen

Trumpet/Horns:  Mary Jo Sparrow

Bass/Trombone:  Jason Slaughter

Percussion:  Joshua Linhart

Guitar:  Jackson Field


Judas Iscariot:  Xander Sky Wells

Jesus of Nazareth;  Hunter Henrickson

Mary Magdalene:  Najha Kay Forbey

First Priest:  David Yeates

Second Priest:  Benedict Burgess

Caiaphas:  David Brendan Hopes

Annas:  Tabitha Judy

Third Priest:  George Heard

Simon Zealotes:  Maximilian Koger

Pontius Pilate:  Matt Brian

King Herod:  Dwight Chiles

Peter:  Luke Haynes

Maid By the Fire:  Maria Frost

Soldier/Judas' Tormentor:  Tom Dewees

The Absent Apostle:  Wyatt Mills

While the entire cast is talented, the voice of the night comes from Matt Brian as Pontius Pilate.  And his demeanor and acting ability while strutting around the stage, let's you know that his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University while obtaining his MFA in Pedagogy of Performance will lead to greater roles in the future.

 Daniel Hensley, the musical director is constantly working throughout the Western North Carolina Mountain region as an actor and musical director.  Under his control, the orchestra was exciting from the Overture to the closing of the show.  It was full and rich and yes it ROCKED. His next project for HART is directing Stephen Sondheim"s  "Into The Woods" later this Fall.

Luke Haynes brings strength and conflict to the role of Peter. And Maximilian Koger ably portrays Simon, Jesus' devoted apostle. Their vocals add greatly to the production!


The house lights dimmed on a sold out audience and  JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR opened at HART THEATRE this weekend.  ( July 9, 2016 ) With the music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Lyrics by Tim Rice and  the orchestra and vocals under the direction of Daniel Hensley, the theatre exploded with the sounds of ROCK.  

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR was Directed by Steve Lloyd, the Executive Director of HART and Co- Directed by Julie Kinter.  The difficulty of managing  over 40 performers on the HART stage had to be a challenge, but  with the direction, vocals, orchestration and cast, this production really keeps you on your toes!


Dan Dutterer (John), David Yeates (James), Sean Bruce (Matthew), 

Benedict Burgess (James, Son of Alphaeus), George Heard (Bartholomew), Jacob Hunt (Thaddeus), Jonathan Lawrence (Philip), Adam Lentini (Andrew), Dakota Mann (Thomas)

The concept and execution of this production with the Cityscape background, the use of cell phones and everyday dress including a unique combination of lights and sounds, scaffolding and platforms  places you right in the heart of the modern interpretation of the life of Jesus.  

Steve Lloyd has been the Executive Director of HART since 1990 and has overseen most of the productions during that time.  His greatest accomplishment will occur this month with the opening of the Daniel and  Belle Fangmeyer Theatre, a project that has been in the works for over two years.

Julie Kinter, the Co-Director and Stage Manager has been working with HART for 15 years and has wanted to do JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR since it debuted in 1970.  She not only enjoys directing, but she is a seasoned actor.  She will also be directing HART'S , "ALL MY SONS" starring Steve Lloyd later this season.

These two directors by combining their talents makes HART THEATRE one of the most respected theaters in the South.

Special thanks to the Stage Crew and Kristi Deville for choreography expertise in King Herod's Song!


"HERE IS THE KING OF THE JEWS!"as the musical so blantantly screams. Jesus is played by Hunter Henrickson, a very talented vocalist and actor. His portrayal of Jesus, especially in the Crucifixion  scene is heart- wrenching and memorable.  Hunter returns to HART after last year's appearance in "Oklahoma" and

"The 39 Steps!"

The Lord's Supper was one of the most poignant moments in the show.  Beautifully staged and well acted, it really brought one almost to tears as Jesus gave his disciples the bread as his body and the wine as his blood.

The Roman High Priests played by David Yeates, Benedict Burgess, George Heard added great support to the performances of Tabitha Judy, as Annas, and David Brendan Hopes as Caiaphas.  They were truly a sinister lot! and Tom Dewees was especially cruel as one of Jesus' tormentors!

Najha Kay Forbey hails from Western Carolina University and stops the show with her vocals especially on the very popular "I Don't Know How To Love Him!"  This is her first appearance at HART, but I am sure we will be seeing more of her in the near future.