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"SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK LIVE, JR." was performed at the HART THEATRE the past two weekends under the Direction of

Shelia Sumpter and it was like the "icing of a cake."  It was exciting, colorful, and a delicious collection of talent all dancing and singing and acting every step of the way.  HART THEATRE and the KIDS AT HART brought the audience to their feet with a standing ovation and screams of Bravo!

Sheilia Sumpter brought to the stage the future actors of many shows to come for HART.  Each audience member was made aware by them how talented and disciplined these kids are and that they are really good!

The CAST included Austin Clark as Tom, Andrew Delbene as George, Ashley Clark as Shulie, Sydney Lyles as Joe and Lily Klinar as Dina.  Congratulations and well done!

The Company included Abigail Cumber, Megan Galloway, Anika Gossett,  Delilah Jenkins, Josie Ostendorff, Sarah Elizabeth Super, Abby Welchel, Haiden Woods, and Cami Wright.  Each of you were AWESOME!


Sheila Sumpter, the Director for "School House Rock Live, Jr."  had great people working with her to put this show on the stage.  Madison Sugg was the Assistant Director,Set /Props were created by Lyle Baskiun, Tom Dewees and David Yates.  The lighting Operator was Jim Thomson and the Sound Operators were Bruce Donley and Lance Conway.


Parents, if you want to see your child become a star in your eyes and all of your family members, this is what each young person should be involved in.....KIDS AT HART!  There is no better program in the area, and there are no better people to teach and direct the young performers to success.  WHAT A NICE JOB!

THE REVIEWS are in and the word has it as, "Exceptional and new talent was discovered during the performance of School House Rock Live, Jr. in Waynesville, North Carolina.  These young actors will never be the same and as their production concluded, they were left with stars in their eyes.

 Look out Broadway, here comes the next generation!

Call HART THEATRE to become a part of this program: