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Kelsy Omorrow, fantastic waitress 

Jab Chae

Bulgogi Stonebowl and Sides

Kristina Im, Owner

​Not Pictured:  Jayson Im, Owner

Korean House offers Lunch Specials, Soups, Appetizers, Grilled Dishes, Rice Dishes, Stonebowls, Stir Fried Dishes and noodle specialties.  They can also serve Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

They are located at 122 College Street, right in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina.  Call for reservations 828-785-1500.




Table top grills

Noah Nelson, waiter

Our order consisted of the Bulgogi Stonebowl and the Jab Choe.  

The Bulgogi Stonebowl is served with rice in a 425 degree Stonebowl, with a variety of vegetable and grilled beef ribeye from the local Hickory Nut Gap Farm.  It is topped with an egg to be mixed perfectly as you start the meal.  Only thing left in the bowl is a delicious crispy rice at the bottom of the bowl.  With special sauces, you will never get over the flavors and the beauty of the presentation with the selected side items that come with the order.

Along with that we ordered Jab Chae beautifully served on a large plate consisting of Sweet Potato noodles with a variety of vegetable and choice of beef or tofu.  

Now that is just two of the dozens of items equally as impressive that you can find on the menu.

The word, YUM, really says it like it is!  YUM, YUM!

What a wonderful dining experience!  An absolute must when visiting or living in the Asheville area.  People come from all over to relax in a friendly atmosphere to enjoy some of the best Korean food in the State.  You can cook your own meal at the table or have it prepared your way in the back.  This is truly one of my new favorite dining places in the Mountains.

With Kristina Im, who is the owner, and the members of her family in the back along with their private family recipes, you have struck goal in anything brought to your table.  

The prices are very reasonable and the portions are great, even to the point that it is suggested that you share different meals around the table.

From your waiter to the personal greeting from Kristina Im (the Owner) you will love every minute while there.