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Maximillian Koger and Bradey Walter.

DON'T MISS LA CAGE AUX FOLLES!  Thanks Jerry Crouch!


JERRY CROUCH hails from Columbia, South Carolina and is celebrating his 29th anniversary at Asheville Community Theatre.  Known for his casting and directing,  he is considered one of Asheville's finest, as he has appeared in or directed 30 Mainstage productions at ACT.  Believe me, when it is a JERRY show, you want to be a part of it!

When MAXIMILIAN KOGER, who was playing Jean-Michel, opened his mouth to sing "With Anne On My Arm",  the room went silent and when it ended, they screamed with applause in appreciation and almost gave him a standing ovation. Hailing from Western Carolina University, he was perfectly cast and with his good looks, the audience just loved him as the romantic lead and son to George.  Oh, yes, ZAZA was in there as Mother and all together they made the perfect family!

Just wait until you see the costumes created for ZAZA, but we are keeping that as a surprise with no pictures until you see the show!  

What a figure!  Dazzling!

COY THEOBALT, who played George, who was the partner of Albin/ZAZA, could not have balanced the "sparkles" any better by keeping the performance grounded in reality throughout the show.  His acting ability allowed us to see his love and respect for ZAZA while keeping her in control and balancing all of the feelings of this complicated couple.  George who studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC is a wonderful addition to ACT.  

Tim Geib

Frocks, Girdles and Jocks

When BRADSHAW CALL first appeared on the stage as Albin/ZAZA, you witnessed a perfectly cast "professional" actor who took command of the audience and kept them in the palm of his hands.  After waiting 20 years to play this role, he gave a flawless performance and certainly excited all of us with his vocals, costumes and talent from "Put A Little More Mascara On" to "I Am What I Am" to the final walk with George along the Promenade Boardwalk.  What a beauty this actor makes when adorned in those sparkling gowns, pumps and wigs.  OMG, just a real show stopper! 

The romantic female lead Anne was played by BRADEY WALTER, who was making her stage debut at ACT.  Perfect in the role, this young, attractive actress gave the balance needed for a romance made in heaven as they announced their desire to be married to the families. 

Beware of the antics of Trissa King who plays Jacqueline when she traps Edouard Dindon at La Cage!  What results is hysterical!

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES is considered one of Broadway's best Musical productions and it is a delight to see it back on the stage at Asheville Community Theatre.  The massive cast of players were exceptional putting it all together and they need to be recognized.

​We must acknowledge the performance of Carla Pridgen as Marie Dindon (Have another glass or two of wine!) and James Curley as Edouard Dindon.  Of course love to Allison Stinson, a HART performer from Waynesville as Madame Renaud.  We also had a backstage buddy, Hogan McLamb.  Good to see you all!

(The Cagelles are played by Jacob Walas as Hanna, Marcos Cunha as Chantal, Lupe Perez as Phaedra, Zachary Landolt as Mercedes, Azchary Eden, as Bitelle and Fleming Lomax as Monique.)

It takes a Jerry to bring LA CAGE AUX FOLLES to the Asheville Community Theatre in all its glory and sparkles!  With the Music and Lyrics by JERRY HERMAN and under the Direction of JERRY CROUCH, you have an exciting evening of exceptional talent performing to an audience clapping and singing along with shouts of appreciation for a job well done!

Bradshaw Call and Coy Theobalt

And here they are!  THE CAGELLES:   GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!  Hysterical and delicious to watch as they pranced around in those bedazzled gowns and heels, giving the audience exactly what they came for, FUN, FUN, FUN!

Special recognition goes to Shari Azar for Choreographer, Stuart Littleton the Musical Director, Ida as Costume Designer along with Carina Lopez (Assistant),  Scenie Designer, Jill Summers and Lighting Designer, Adam Cohen.  Also the Aerial Artists, Lacey Winter and Alan Malpass (Muscle guy).

Playing the role of the Butler/Maid,  with the best "snapping fingers in NC" was TIM GEIB.  His portrayal of Jacob was the comic relief for the production.

When he entered in his "little white apron," you knew this maid was trouble!  Coming from Western Carolina University he said it was his first time in drag and the heels were a killer!

If you are looking for a fun evening of laughter, entertainment and love, there is no question, it is

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES now playing at the Asheville community theatre through June 26.  Give them a call at


and located at

35 East Walnut Street

Asheville, North Carolina 28801