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For additional information regarding the Maggie Valley Arts and Crafts Festival, contact Teresa Smith at 800-624-4431.  Remember it is free parking and entrance!  There are three shows a year.  July, September and October.

This is what the people in the South call Healthy Gourmet BBQ Sauce!

Fall is just around the corner and you can find everything from wreaths to stem flowers.

William Menya, an artist has a mobile that is almost unbelieable , known as Menya Sculptures.  To find out more about this clever collectible go to www.facebook.com/MenyaSculptures 

From swings to gliders, you will find just about anything your hearts desires!

There is nothing more delicious than the corn and bean salsa, except thier pickled okra! OMG!

Some of the most amazing children's books can be found at Morningsidebooks@aol.com.  

Pictured is the author Keith Lawrence Roman.

What a great weekend for a festival in Maggie Valley.  Considered to be on of the best of the year, it was packed with buyers all trying to find that special mountain treasure.  Everything you can imagine from handmade wooden swings, jewelry, clothing, specialty craft items, art to food booths!