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Strother Stingley:  Willy, The Hero

The "MUSICAL OF MUSICALS," (The Musical) is a musical about Musicals!  A satire of the Musical Theatre, when one story is told five different times through the different styles of five famous composers and teams; i.e., Rodgers and Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jerry Herman, Lloyd Webber and Kander and Ebb.

I only regret that we were not able to get to see this production earlier in it run at 35 Below in Asheville, North Carolina.  But let me tell you, tickets were hard to get!  Nothing like a "full house" and lots of Bravo's to keep a show on the road!  

Thanks for a great time and so many "laugh out loud laughs!"

Karen Covington-Yow:  Abby, The Matron

A simple plot prevails.  The Matron is the Diva who thinks all others are insane.  The Villain demands his rent immediately  throughout the musical.  June can't pay the rent and does not know what to do.  The Hero wants to pay the rent over and over!  And the rest is History!  They all live happily ever after!  HYSTERICAL!  (The audience figured out how June could pay the rent from the very beginning!)

What can you say about quality performers?  Nothing except GREAT JOB AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON  THE STAGE AGAIN!

Karen Covington-Yow, Daniel Hensley,

Tabitha Judy and Strother Stingley

Glenn Arnette, Jessica Garland, Misty Theisen and Stephen A. Gonya

Even though the musical closed this week after a complete "sell out" run, that does not mean it is over.  Who knows what may develop when a show is just sheer fun and hysterical making it a wonderful theatre experience for all attending!  Frankly, it was nice seeing some of the "theatre family" together again united on the stage to bring pure laughter resulting in cheekbone pain!

Misty Theisen:  Producer, Director and Pianist

Tabitha Judy:  June, The Ingenue

Misty is one of the most talented and dedicated musicians in Western North Carolina and the United States.  She is a regular part of the theatre community and when she is involved you know and expect her work will be exceptional.  Whether flute, piano, direction or producing, Misty brings all parts and players together and creates a wonderful evening in theatre and she does it every time she gets involved!

Daniel Hensley:  Jitter, The Villian

Jessica Garland not only can handle a "light and sound board," she is a tremendous performer and frequently seen on many stages around the area.  She is a well known  Choreographer and recently finished Seussical, Legally Blonde, the Musical and so many other stage productions.  Great talent and so much fun!  Her choreography brought much laughter to the "Musical of Musicals!"

Jessica Garland:  Choreographer and Lights