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The mostly Actor's Equity cast certainly made this production as Broadway as you can imagine.  Beautiful people, talented professionals, all directed by Thomas Caruso and Choreographed by Ryan Kasprzak with music direction by Brad Simmons.  Look out world, as BRAVE NEW WORLD is one of those musicals you will be hearing more about in the very near future!

BRAVE NEW WORLD sets (Andrew Mannion), sound ( Matt Nielson) and lighting (CJ Barnwell) could not have been better.  You will not miss a single word or song and will be pleasantly surprised with the special effects in lights. 

The production runs through June 5 and should be a must on your theatre list for this Season!  Do not miss it and take your friends.... 2 1/2 hours with a fifteen minute intermission.

The performances by Jason Edward Cook as Bernard, Robbie Haltiwanger as John, Marissa O'Donnell, Justin Matthew Sargent as Mond and Robin Skype as Linda were each outstanding. There is romance, comedy and tragedy all mixed throughout the show and each actor made our moments in the theatre very special.  It does not take long to have you completely hooked on the feelings of each character as it pulls you into the stage as one of the performers.  OMG, the voices!  My favorite songs in the show, "To Be A Man," "Mommy's Boy," and Was It Love!"  It is amazing to me how the "Year of the Ford" opened the show and set the mood for the night!

The Ensemble included Maria Buchanan, Alice Eacho, Sean Michael Jaenicke, Blake Logan, Tyler McKenzie, Kaylor Otwell, Billy Steeves and Marthaluz Velez.  The blend of talents make this a sure hit and the writing give it great future potential when the Broadway lights are turned on in the future.

I can't tell you enough about our great time at BRAVE NEW WORLD!  It was truly the highlight of my Season so far and there is still so much to come,  

Next at North Carolina Stage is SIDESHOW scheduled from June 15 - June 25 with showtimes Wednesdays - Saturdays at 7:30 PM

Seen dining prior to the show was Lyn and Bruce Donley of Waynesville, NC and Steve Lloyd, Artistic Director of HART THEATRE in Waynesville.


When you place the Grammy and Emmy winner, John McDaniel, and the Tony nominee Bill Russell together, you will have a co-Composer and lyricist, that  collaborated and created a musical based on Aldous Huxley's brilliant BRAVE NEW WORLD!  It is a strange story about the future where everyone is happy.  There is no pain, as pain has been eliminated from society by the use of the drug "soma".  It is a battle between the ALPHAS where everything traditional has been washed and has been replaced with free sex, mindless sport and distraction and brainwashed to happiness.  How about "humans being  hatched in test tubes?"

Then you have the SAVAGES living on reservations who still live by the "old ways", knowing nothing of the perfect world until both world's collide.  At that point,  John, played by Robby Haltiwanger, is given permission to leave and experience the wonders of the perfect civilization.  Let the play begin!

This WORLD PREMIERE of BRAND NEW WORLD,  graces the North Carolina Stage and truly offers the people of Western North Carolina an opportunity to enjoy a musical heading for Broadway at prices you will not believe.  Forget those seats of $150 and up when you can be there for less than $20 in Asheville at NC Stage.  For your information, all seats are good!


For additional information you can all the box office at


The theatre is located right in the heart of the city at

15 Stage Lane, Asheville, North Carolina 28801