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A North Carolina Tradition!
By Glenn Arnette, lll
 That answer is simple when you discover theOvermountain Vineyards and Winery, 75 acres of fertile farmland that started in the Fall of 2002 and now developed into one of the popular stops in North Carolina.  Now I know most of us have often gone to other vineyards for tasting, but you have not been to one with exceptional wines like those found at Overmountain!
Nestled in the Tryon Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains this operation is a real family affair and there is a lot of love and hard work going into having some of the best wines in the Country.  First of all, the location is absolutely beautiful, but there is much more than the view.  This is the real McCoy!  These specialty wines are vinified in Stainless Steel Barrels and American Oak.  Everything is spotless and Frank Lilly is in total control of the production.
Their tasting room is cozy and has a warmth only found in one’s own home.  Nestle up to the bar and enjoy the samples of their latest “winners.”  This place is so “family” that you might find their friend, Allen, grilling outside and willing to share a little BBQ Chicken or Ribs.  Next you should enjoy a bottle of their fine wine on the porch where all guests and tourists gather to enjoy a great conversation and relax.  I even thought about moving in!
The wines you will find at the Overmountain are as follows:
Revolutionary Red, Muscadine, Chardonney, Rose, Pete Manseng and the delicious Blueberry wine.  Now the Blueberry wine is good for after dinner served with a very sharp cheese to top of any meal!  My friends could not believe this specialty!
Next take a stroll through the vineyards with a glass of the wine and hear the history surroundingOvermountain and the different types of grapes.  Overmountain is bringing back the real agricultural tradition of the past.
Another reason
to visitOvermountain is Lita Lilly, the wife of Frank and their daughter Cecilia and son Miguel.  What a pleasure to meet them!  Hopefully when you visit, they will be there to great you on your arrival!  If not, their friendly staff can answer all the questions. Don’t miss this adventure!
Overmountain Vineyards
2012 Sandy Plains Rd. Tyron, NC 28782
Call (828)863-0523