Steven Lloyd has the ability to carefully plan Theatre Seasons that offer a wide variety of entertainment.  Every aspect is carefully considered and properly placed in perspective.  Steven does not just do traditional plays and musicals.  His selections are well thought through to be sure that HART is and will remain "one of the best!"  

Steven Lloyd's love of theatre and his brilliant organizational  skills has taken a small local community playhouse and turned it into a respected theatrical organization.  In 1995 through a Capital Campaign fund raising program, Steven started plans for the MAIN STAGE which were brought to reality in 1997.  Later the FEICHTER STUDIO was developed where smaller more cutting edge shows could be presented.  The FEICHTER STUDIO is also where the Actors / Directors pick the shows, their creative crews and are responsible for all aspects of the productions.  In 2016, the picture was completed with the opening of THE FANGMEYER THEATRE AND THE HARMONS' DEN.  With his dedication and constant attention throughout the growth and development program, STEVEN LLOYD led the way to this successful venue, bringing to this community the most watched and talked about operation of its kind in Western North Carolina.


The new Fangmeyer Theatre and Harmons' Den at HART.  Opened 2016.

A few years go by and

STEVEN LLOYD enters the scene.  Steven was in town hosting a visiting Artists Program for the State of North Carolina developed for Haywood Community College.  Having fallen in love with Waynesville and knowing his program was ending, Steven approached the Community Theatre with a radical proposal.  He presented his resume and stated in a letter, "If you hire me I will ask that you pay me $10,000 the first year.  If I do not increase this operation by that amount or more, I expect not to be paid." Now stop the show!  This is where STEVE LLOYD and the "love affair" with Waynesville, North Carolina and the THEATRE as we know it today begins!  (1989-90)

The year was 1985, when a group of citizens met, including Rex and Libba Feitcher and started HART.  The idea came after the Haywood Arts Council presented a few shows including "South Pacific," "Anything Goes" and "Oklahoma." The initial group then decided to start a Community Theatre.  At that point they voted Rex Feitcher, Chairman of the Board,  Janina Shoemaker was Managing Director, Jim Cinque and Paula McElroy were brought in for their professional talents and the Strand Theatre on Main Street, where the early productions had taken place, was chosen as the site for future productions as well.


 Now that the FANGMEYER THEATRE has opened, what's next? Well, since December, KIDS AT HART, a new division for young performers, has been selling out all their shows!

 We thought you were going to rest!  REST?  No rest for this man, as his mind never stops creating those theatrical moments we now expect with each opening!

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You have heard it before, "You build it and they will come!"  Not only do the audiences flock to see the productions, Directors and Actors want to be a part of the HART EXPERIENCE, all because of STEVEN LLOYD!

(Known to everyone as STEVE!)

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The Haywood Arts Regional Theatre is a renowned theatrical complex featuring some of the best entertainment in the Southeast.  It houses three theatres; i.e.,  MAIN STAGE,  FEICHTER STUDIO and the NEW FANGMEYER THEATRE.

To top off a perfect situation, there is also HARMONS' DEN which offers some of the best food in Haywood County prior to performances and desserts and drinks after the show! (Christy L Bishop, Chef)

Needless to say, the Committee was blown away by his resume and his proposal. 

Steven Lloyd has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Radio, Television and Motion Pictures)and a Master of Arts Degree (Speech Communications and Communications) from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and a Master of Fine Arts Degree (Theatre, Acting and Directing) from the University of North Carolina At Greensboro.  His acting, directing and playwriting credits include performances from Kennedy Center to Edinburgh Theatre in Scotland, touring the United States and played Off Broadway in New York.  Major acting roles included leads in "The Crucible,"

"The Sea Gull," "Cyrano," "Amadeus," "The Rainmaker," "West Side Story," and "Deathtrap" just to mention a few.  His directing credits number in the hundreds and he is a member  of the the most renowned organizations; i.e., 

Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, North Carolina Theatre Conference and the Southeastern Theatre Conference.

HART has a storied history and one fact especially needs to be noted.  As long as it has been in operation, "HART has never operated in a deficit!"  That direct quote comes from LIBBA FEITCHER who is a reliable source of information regarding Waynesville, North Carolina and was there for the beginnings of the theatre.

Each season offers diverse choices for the audience and the 2017-2018 Season will be no exception.  With shows such as "The Nerd," "Fiddler On The Roof," "Zombie Prom," "The Great Gatsby," "The Glass Menagerie," and "A Midsummers Nights Dream" and having multiple spaces to stage performances in, Steven's  "treasure chest" is wide open and allows him to have the kind of theatre he first envisioned when he approached the Community Theatre Council all those years ago.

  So we now take this opportunity to thank Steven and all the work he has done for Haywood County, Western North Carolina and HART as its Artistic Director.  

 It has been said, as long as you have "butts in seats" you will have a successful theatre and thanks to Steven, sold out performances are becoming an everyday occurrence at HART.