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When you enter the Blowing Rock Attraction, you will feel as if you have walked on another planet.  It is really a surreal place to visit!  

The entire Blowing Rock Adventure and Trail is approximately 1200 feet long.  Walking the self -guided trail takes you an average of 25 minutes.  The path will lead you to the observation tower with some of the most exciting views of the Johns River Gorge.  There are also gardens and waterfalls and benches along the way to relax and enjoy the Rock.

THE BLOWING ROCK is located on Highway 321 South in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  Give them a call and visit their web site for additional information.  828-295-7111   www.theblowingrock.com


There is a newly completed gallery of historical photos of Blowing Rock taken over the years from its opening back in 1933.  Also included in the gallery are other historical attractions of the area.

Don't forget to take extra time to shop their two gift shops or have a snack while hiking during your visit.  It is an easy walk and the walks are handicap accessible.


The Blowing rock is a cliff 4000 feet above sea level, overhanging the Johns river Gorge 3000 feet below.  The Attraction is so popular that it has been mentioned with Ripley's "Believe It Or Not!"

This is nature at its best!  THE BLOWING ROCK in Blowing Rock, North Carolina is North Carolina's Oldest Tourist Attraction!  

It is a Native American legend of love and death and wind.  Now that may sound a bit crazy, but the wind actually blew the brave who leaped to his death back into the arms of the Chickaway Chieftan's daughter.  Well?  But if you visit in the Winter, you will see that the snow blows up and does not fall from the sky.  The rest is up to you.  You must visit!