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Open 11 AM - 6 PM everyday (7 PM Friday and Saturday)

Ann Kelly

Laura Kelley, Manager

THE ITALLANO CHIP:  Kettle Sytle Potato Chips, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pecorino,Romao, Fresh Chotted Basil, Toasted Garlic and Italian Herb Blend with a drizzle of Balsamic.  OMG!



Gourmet Chips like you've never had, TRULY ARTISAN!

Talk about something unusual and delicious, well you will have to make a hard decision at The Gourmet Chips Company.  Now I am not talking about "a little old potato chip", I am telling you about The Italiano, The Belgium, The Napa, The Buffalo, The Cajun and many other signature chips.  For an average of around $4.95 you have have yourself a nice dish of chips for two.  

They also serve a variety of Gourmet Pressed Paninis made with Ciabatta bread and served with a nice side of fresh chips for $8.95.  They also serve Local Beer, IBC Soda, Bottled Water and Tea.

They also ship around the country.  What a great idea for special people, Hand-made Packaged Chips!

For details, call them at 828-254-3335 or go to  www.gourmetchipcompany.com