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Andrew Vasco


Graham Westley

As stated in the words of THE WANDER TREES; i.e., the story, the purpose and the trees,

"From the Appalachian Trail to Asheville, North Carolina, THE WANDERS TREES has grown from a tiny seed into a forest of creatives. Being grounded in our values, we are adventurously seeking to help others embrace their natural gifts and talents.  Many leaves make up one tree.  Meet the artist entrepreneurs and influencers who have come together to create and inspire!"

For additional information  you can visit their website or call at:  



842 Haywood Road

​Asheville, North Carolina


Joshua Niven

It might have been a grand opening on the last day in April of 2016, but as of the first of May 2016, THE WANDER TREES is being hailed as a success because of it's founding members and the creative spirit of the Art Gallery, Inspired Goods and a Gathering Place.  From the hands of extremely talented creatives, you can see a varied collection of pottery, hand made scented candles, jewelry and so much more including the distinctive Fine Art Gallery featuring the brilliance of Joshua Niven and his THRU PROJECT, a visual journey along the Appalachian Trail that captures hearts and inspires imagination.


From the music by THE ANIMALS on a real turntable to a few glasses of wine and beer and delicious treats being offered to the opening night guests, this was the place to be.  Every age, every creative all gathered together to celebrate THE WANDERS TREES.

The Wander Trees is truly a wonderful shopping experience.  Do not expect the normal "shop and go,"  as this is a collective of creative gifts and art that can require just a little more interest and study.  If you looking for a unique gift ranging in every price range (very reasonable)  this is the place to find that special item.  

"This is a community of creatives, free-spirits and artistry-seeking souls who believe we were all born to lead a life of inspired endeavors and adventure!"


Amber McDermid