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Known as the RED TROLLEY, you can depend on them knowing that you are getting the best value for your dollar.  They are located at the Asheville Visitor's Center and you can purchase tickets there without a problem.  www.graylineasheville.com  


The Gray Line Tours of Asheville certainly upgraded their fleet of Red Trolleys to some of the most comfortable in the United States.  What a wonderful way to see Asheville and leave the driving to professionals who know the roads and understand the history of the City.  The new Trolleys are so quiet and the Tour Guides certainly keep you entertained for the over one and a half hour tour.

Asheville's Most Popular Tour

Gray Line TOURS

The Red Trolly

Asheville, North Carolina

The new Trolleys are able to handle with ease "those needing Handicapped service."  The seats are padded and the ride smooth.  The sound is perfect and you can hear every word of the tour.  Without question this should your first stop in Asheville!  TAKE A TOUR!

Uncle Ted

Handicapped access to the Tour Bus is gentle and easy to use.

THE GRAY LINE TOURS are so much fun and they are so easy to enjoy all the sites.  Hop-On Hop Off sightseeing really makes it nice to take time at the different stops for shopping, dining and the history of Asheville.  

Our tour guide for my latest adventure was "Uncle Ted" White.  He is a true Southern gentleman with a real Southern accent giving out all the historical facts that will keep you completely entertained for the entire ride.