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Josh Camper and his professional staff of qualified bike experts will help you select a bike to fit your needs, including a nice jell bike seat and helmet for your comfort and safety and then transport you and that bike to the starting line at Whitetop Station located in the Upper Section of The Virginia Creeper Trail.

( L-R pictured:  Jerry Camper, Josh Camper, Cole Camper, Jose Flores, Ian Camper and Dave Hall )



Just telling you aboutTHE VIRGINIA CREEPER TRAIL and the wonderful time you will have biking this great adventure  is not enough!  It is also about meeting friends, laughter, the outdoors, the exercise and the shear enjoyment of sharing a day with others who appreciate  being "alive and well!"  It gives you a new outlook on life and when you complete the 17 mile run or the 34 mile run, you will feel the satisfaction of  "accomplishing the challenge."  Why, when I got to the halfway point at Damascus,  I was hoping for a gold medal!  My actual award was just taking a moment to sit on the grass and relax my bottom!

After you take time to refuel the body with deleicious food and your bathroom break, you are ready to get back on the trail and head to Damascus.

In Damascus at the half way pick up point, you have the choice to continue on down the Virginia Creeper Trail until you get to Abingdon, but there will be more peddeling as the land begins to flatten.  Now I am not talking about up and down hills.  That is not the case.  Most bikers take the entire 34 mile run from top to bottom.  Believe me, my next time will be all the way!  

It all starts in Abingdon, Virginia and your first stop should be the Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Shop!  It is truly your one stop shopping experience for bike rentals, repairs, clothing and more.  It is the beginning of one of the most exciting adventures you will ever experience.  

Your morning appointment with the CREEPER can begin around 10 AM or 10:30 AM from the Bike Shop in Abingdon.  Those are departure times for the ride to to top of be mountain by the van!  

For some reason riding the bike made me hungry!  That thought certainly gave me the incentive to ride!  So halfway down I stopped at this  wonderful restaurant right on the trail.  It seems to be a popular stop as everyone stops for a snack, lunch and a nice glass of "Southern Sweet Tea" and a piece of the famous Chocolate Cake as featured in "SOUTHERN LIVING MAGAZINE!"

When can I expect to see you on The VIRGINIA CREEPER TRAIL?  Remember it all starts in Abingdon, Virginia at the Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Shop located at 201 Pecan Street!  The cost with your own bike for transportation and trail is $15.00.  
Renting a bike and accessories runs $25.00.  Worth every penny!!!

For additional information and reservations, contact the following:

www.vacreepertrailbikeshop.com  or call 276-676-2552.

By-the-way, they will soon be featured in Southern Living Magazine!

Just remember to tell Josh Camper that I told you about it!

Now let's get serious for a minute.  Age has nothing to do with anything when you decide to ride the bike trails.  The Virginia Creeper is a piece of cake!  The Upper Section is like a down hill roller coaster and is smooth and easy with very little pedaling. It is an easy 17 mile run!  The bike ride is from Whitetop Station to Damascus.   It is relaxing and you will have time to stop for lunch along the way! (Also bathrooms are available!)